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By MIHIR SARKAR, Managing Director


Firstly, we welcome you to our site and hope that it could serve the purpose of your visit. 

Furthermore, do note that Diamond Drugs is celebrating over 66 years of pharmaceutical manufacturing excellence. Also, credited and acknowledged as the top pharma third party manufacturing company in India. Secondly, we are also engaged in supplying to government hospitals and other government institutions throughout India. Above all, for the last sixty years of manufacturing and marketing products all over India, mainly in the eastern region since its incorporation in the year 1954. Finally, the yearly turnover of the company is more than 20 crores.

Besides, our manufacturing facility is totally automated for production with online controls on inventory and is equipped with all modern amenities. In short, to manufacture the latest medicines and is located at the well-connected locality in terms of communication and transport facilities.


However, formed in 1954, we started with 15-20 employees with manufacturing unit spread over 1000 square feet. But, now our automated manufacturing unit is spread over more than 18000 square feet with more than 100 employees.

In conclusion,”some of our reputed clients for contract manufacturing / loan license: Bengal Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Lupin, Stadmed, Wesmed Private Limited and many more.

Moreover, our pharma manufacturing unit produces non beta-lactum tablets, beta lactum and non-beta lactum capsules tablets, liquid & suspension and ointments. Similarly, we give highest priority to quality control. Additionally, our qualified, efficient and trained staff in production, takes adequate steps and precautions in maintaining our goodwill in ensuring highest quality.

Pharma Third Party Manufacturing Company

The Production Capacity:

In addition, in order to comply with schedule (M) 2001 in respect of cGMP certificate constant upgradation of facilities is being looked after.

Liquid Section

2000 litres per shift.

Tablet Section

15 lakh tablets per shift (Non B-Lactum)

Capsule Section

5 Lakh capsules per shift each ( B-Lactum & Non B-Lactum)

Ointment Section

300 kg per shift 

Therefore, we have spare capacity to cater to your needs. In other words, we can assure you quality products without you taking any hassles of manufacturing. 

Besides, awarded and recognized as the “top pharma third party manufacturing company in India.

Also, Diamond Drugs provides contract manufacturing and PCD facilities for pharmaceutical products. In addition, our contract manufacturing facility is cGMP Certified and can fulfill all your contract manufacturing needs.

In contrast, we can help our customers in producing medicines, where a tailor made formulation can be designed in our unit. For further information, kindly use the inquiry form for contract manufacturing inquiries.