If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place.

We were established in the year 1954. Founded by (Late) Mr. Prafulla Sarkar and (Late) Mrs. Sovona Sarkar. With a capital as low as Rupees One Thousand Only. Started as a family business and has now grown into a professionally managed company.

Later after the demise of both the founders their children namely Mr. Prabir Sarkar, Mr. Samir Sarkar and Mr. Mihir Sarkar has taken the company to new heights with zeal and steady insights from their vast experience and knowledge.

Diamond Drugs started as a sole-proprietorship firm back in the year 1954. Founded by Late Mr. Prafulla Sarkar and Co-Founder Late Mrs. Sovona Sarkar. It is humble beginning back in April, 1954 started as Diamond Drugs Chemical Works. In the beginning, the firm started with the repackaging of formulations and oils. Further swiftly extended into manufacturing. 

Firstly, with as little as fifteen to twenty staffs the firm started manufacturing for the state and the central government of India. Moreover, on the early demise of now Late Mr. Prafulla Sarkar had burdened the family-run business had to lure their children to keep the business on track. So, the youngest son then, and now Managing Director, Mr. Mihir Sarkar was as young as thirteen years of age, when he was made in-charge. Furthermore, the other two sons were also lured into the business shortly. 

Further with the never let go attitude the management thrived with their trusted and loved employees over the decades. However, to thrive ahead in leaps and bounds the company has introduced several highly professional talents as its workforce. Above all, it has always upgraded in every sphere reflecting an adaptive mindset. 

Also, we welcome anyone who wants to contribute or work with us in shaping a healthier tomorrow.