Introduced by, Diamond Drugs, Lycimond, research and patented with technical collaboration of Green Cross Therapeutics Private Limited and launched very first time India. Subsequently, it heals wounds naturally by speeding the body’s own mechanism without any known side effects or toxicity. In addition, it promotes prompt, proper and qualitative wound healing by inhibiting keloid formation, and hence reducing scar formation. Meanwhile, best in case of non-healing ulcers and severe wounds or burns.

LYCIMOND: Encourages Optimum Angiogenesis

Further, Heals & Protects:

  • Cuts, Wounds & Burns of all etiology.
  • Accidental wounds.
  • Decubitus Ulcers, Bed Sores & Pressure Sores
  • Lepromatous Ulcer & Cellulitis
  • Diabetic wounds & Ulcers
  • Cold Sores & Other Sores
  • Herpes Wounds
  • Largely, all other types of wounds.
Mother and child pregnancy
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Please note, the human body cannot make lysine. Amongst one of the nine essential amino acids. Being an essential amino acid that is used for biosynthesis of proteins. LYCIMOND Ointment contains, Lysine HCL 150mg/gm.


Firstly: Wash your hands and sterilize any equipment used with hot boiling water.

Secondly: Clean the wound, preferably with normal saline/hydrogen peroxide.

Thirdly: Apply LYCIMOND Gel-based ointment liberally.


Furthermore, it should not be applied in the eye and in case of contact with the eye rinse properly. In short, contact with the eye may lead to irritation.


For instance, the name LYCIMOND is derived from its active ingredient, “LYCI” from Lysine Hydrochloride.  Most importantly, “MOND” from the manufacturing company’s name, DIAMOND. 

Likewise, Lycimond ointment is made up of its only active ingredient, Lysine(an essential amino acid). 

Whereas, its angiogenic properties help wounds, cuts, and burns heal faster and naturally with minimal scars. However, several studies clearly show that LYCIMOND can help other antimicrobial properties and also reduce the time of healing over 60%.


In conclusion, the wound healing ointment of India, Lycimond, reflects the trust of its consumers over the decades. Above all, to the Indian doctors, Lycimond has evolved as a healing and trusted brand to whom a doctor turns to when in need. In other words, Lycimond, a truly miraculous and magical wound healing brand with no known side effects and toxicity of any kind.



 Discovery that speeds up wound healing.

Claims & References:

  • The rate of healing in the lysine combination with other anti-bacterial (silver sulfadiazine) was better because of the angiogenic property of Lysine. Ref.: “Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and clinical research Vol. 10, Issue 5, 2017.”
  • Greatly promotes predictable & optimum therapeutic angiogenesis in wound healing. Ref.: “Cytotechnology, 2001; 36:3-32”.
  • Finally, Promotes healthy granulation tissue to heal the wounds cosmetically accepted. Ref.: J Invest Dermatol, 2000; 115: 962-8.
  • Markedly minimizes wound healing time when applied alone or as an adjunct to other anti-microbials. Ref.: “Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and clinical research Vol. 10, Issue 5, 2017.”